Cider Canada / Cidre Canada -Budget Statement

The national non-profit organization Cider Canada / Cidre Canada, representing nearly 100 cider makers across Canada at the federal level, has reviewed the 2022 budget as presented by the government of Canada.  

We thank the government for the small business tax reduction, which is expected to help support small producers across the country.  However, we are disappointed that no additional support has been announced for cider producers who will be required to begin paying Excise Duty in July of 2022.  The association had hoped to hear that a production grant program proposed in 2021 would increase funding to 100% support a production grant, as well as extend the program for up to 5 years to encourage economic growth and investment in the sector.  We hope to hear about a program shortly confirming that cider produced before July 1st will be excise exempt.

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