Cider Canada – Excise Duty Update

October 26 2021

Cider Canada / Cidre Canada board members met with Agriculture Canada officials on Friday October 22nd to discuss the upcoming excise duty changes.  A reminder that all Canadian cider producers will have to start paying excise duty next July unless a program is put in place to adjust the currently Government Sanctioned Program waiver program that has been in place since 2006.  The current rates of excise duty are $0.322/L for wine/cider less than 7% ABV and  $0.672/L for ciders above 7% ABV. (See more here)

We had a great meeting with the Crop & Supply Chain Acting Director, Trade Deputy Director and a others who told us they have been mandated to implement a program similar to what Canada Wine Growers has proposed; which includes a rebate and/or credit system involving monthly reports that must be submitted when product is both bottled and sold (Regardless of where the juice or apples came from)

Our next steps are to connect with the returning Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food (Marie-Claude Bibeau)  and Finance (Chrystia Freeland),  to initiate consultations right away. 

We thank those who have joined the association and need the support of cider producers across Canada in this important matter.  We need a united front of producers, so please encourage others to join the association for free. 

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Barry Rooke

Executive Director – Cider Canada / Cidre Canada

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