Details on Investment Campaign

Updated February 18, 2023

Approved by BOD – December 15 2021

Executive Summary

We need members and supporters to help invest in Cider Canada so we can get running with staff to carry out lobbying and services.  Please look to donate what you can via the form here in either a lump sum or monthly.   We need to raise $75,000 before the end of 2022 to meet our first-year goals.



In order to get Cider Canada / Cidre Canada operating,  the association needs capacity.  This document outlines both the financial needs and supporting investment /fundraising plan.  The plan below will be executed throughout 2022, with the goal to have a standardized membership with dues starting in 2023.   

Investment Campaign

We ask that cider producers and our supporting partners invest in the startup of the national association with capital and/or services.  We are looking to raise $75,000 before the end of 2022.  This will allow the organization to hire staff and start to implement other important services such as lobbying/advocacy,  education/training,  a national conference and various services.

We understand that not all producers have the same financial capability. The dues below are simple recommendations for investment levels and possible membership dues for 2023.  If you invest more than the amount for the 2023 membership dues, we will offer to credit the difference (ie. If you invest $500, and your membership dues are $150, we will still bill you in 2023 but you can choose not to pay and we will deduct it from your investment costs).

All investments come with an automatic receipt (if purchased online), or will be sent upon cider Canada receiving via e-transfer or cheque.

Proposed fees (for investment in 2022 & 2023 membership fees)

Cider Producers:

TierSplit l/year (000)Amount / YearMonthly
Tier 10-14$150.00$12.50
Tier 215-49$300.00$25.00
Tier 350-99$600.00$50.00
Tier 4100-249$1,200.00$100.00
Tier 5250-999$2,400.00$200.00
Tier 61,000,000+$4,800.00$400.00

Our current sponsor/partner program is designed for two tiers, small supporters ($5/month) and larger partner programs ($50/month).  [COMING SOON]

Friends of Cider Canada
We are thrilled to have any donations from cider lovers, with the suggested rate being $5/month to start. [COMING SOON]

Research / Academic Members
We are thrilled to have any donations from our academic partners, with the suggested rate being $5/month. [COMING SOON]

Other Funding Options

If you are unable to provide cash contributions, there are other ways in which you could assist. Simply contact

“Cider Canada Collaboration”

Producer a small, limited-run cider in collaboration with Cider Canada/ Cidre Canada – Where proceeds go to Cider Canada

Other Services

We would be thrilled if you have other services you could provide, such as assisting with bookkeeping, design, etc.

What will my investment get?

Investing in Cider Canada / Cidre Canada will do a few things right away in 2022

  1. Provide capacity so we can negotiate a satisfactory solution to the incoming Excise Duty, expected to impact cider producers between 15-20million/annually if not addressed, along with extra paperwork
  2. Host an event at Parliament, raising the profile of the sector in Fall of 2022.  This should lead to the formation of a Cider Caucus amongst MP’s from all political parties.
  3. Hire a full-time Executive Director
  4. Launch partnership programs around Insurance
  5. Begin development on a national cider consumption and serving program for Canada


You can pay though a variety of methods:

  1. Online via Credit Card (Stripe)

2. You can pay via Interact e-transfer by sending funds directly to

3. You can send a cheque to Cider Canada – 321 Gardner Street, Vanier, ON, K2P 8K6

4. If you wish to setup a recurring monthly or quarterly investments (of any amount), simply contact

CRA / HST #763263860

All donations will be acknowledged publicly on our website and social media (no value attached), unless requested otherwise.

Current Success

November 8th, 2022 – $43350 of $75000 needed with donations from 39 Investors

We want to thank the following cider makers and partners for their investment in Cider Canada:

Andrew Peller Limited
Arterra Wines Canada
Banjo Cider
Big Rock Brewing
Brooker’s Cider
Burton City Cider
Cidrerie et Distillerie C.E.Petch
Cold Creek Vineyards
Cold Garden Beverage Company Ltd.
Crossmount Cider Company
Dead Horse Cider Co.
Domaine Cleroux
Double Hill Cidery
East Coast Cider Company
Geissberger Farmhouse Cider Inc.
Island Folk Cider House
Joli Rouge Ltée
Juicing Sysems
Lonetree Cider Company
Merridale Cidery & Distillery
Olds College
Red Island Cider
Red Spruce Farm
Saunders Cider Co
Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse
Shuswap Cider Company Ltd
Slabtown Cider Co.
Soma Craft Cidery
Southern Cliff Brands
Stock and Row Inc.
Taves Estate Cidery Ltd.
The Duxbury Cider Co. Limited
The Little Cider Company
Thornbury Craft Co.
Wards Cider
Wooden Gate Cider Co
Yip Cider
York County Cider