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From salaries, to training, to employee benefits—businesses across Canada spend a fortune on their employees, but not all of that money actually benefits the employee or the productivity of the business.  A lot is wasted on ministry of labor fines, turnover costs, and more.

EIO (or Employee Investment Optimization) is a new approach to employee management—addressing everything from recruiting and documentation to safety training and performance reviews—that eliminates waste, and frees up cash flow so you can spend the savings on things that actually improve your workplace.

As a member of Cider Canada, EIO is offering you complimentary access to:

  • A dedicated HR hotline, open 7-days/week
  • An EIOHealth Check and Scorecard
  • Industry-specific webinars and newsletters

Visit to learn how your free member benefits can help you master HR, keep employees engaged and loyal, and build a better business!

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