Membership Dues

As outlined in our investment campaign, there are no membership dues for 2022. We were able to raise about $45,000 in 2022.

2023 Membership Fees

TierSplit l/yearAmount / YearMonthly
Tier 10-14,999$150.00$12.50
Tier 215-49,999$300.00$25.00
Tier 350-99,999$600.00$50.00
Tier 4100-249,999$1,200.00$100.00
Tier 5250-999,999$2,400.00$200.00
Tier 61-2,999,999$4,800.00$400.00
Tier 73,000,000+$9,600.00$800.00
All investors will receive a standard tax receipt

Note that any investments will be held against future dues. For example, if your dues are $300, and you invest $900, we will still invoice you the $300 in 2024, however, if you choose not to pay, we will deduct it from your “balance”. This gives flexibility for the producers and helps the association get started

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Friends of Cider Canada
We are thrilled to have any donations from cider lovers, with the suggested rate being $5/month to start.

Research / Academic Members
We are thrilled to have any donations from our academic partners, with the suggested rate being $5/month.