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Please complete the following registration form to join. Note it is somewhat detailed and will take 15-20 minutes and needs to be completed by someone with knowledge of your production data. It also includes questions about the various services we plan to offer. As such, its important you complete it as detailed as possible so the association can priorates your needs.

Information about payment/dues will be sent when you join, you will have until the end of 2023 to pay your dues as outlined below

For more information, contact and talk to Barry Rooke

2023 membership fees

Cider Producers:

TierSplit l/yeaAmount / YearMonthly
Tier 10-14,999$150.00$12.50
Tier 215-49,000$300.00$25.00
Tier 350-99,999$600.00$50.00
Tier 4100-249,999$1,200.00$100.00
Tier 5250-999,999$2,400.00$200.00
Tier 61-3,000,000$4,800.00$400.00
Tier 73,000,000+$9,6000.00$800.00
Receipt will be issued automatically – No Tax on Membership

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