Sponsors and Supporters

Cider Canada / Cidre Canada has a mission to work collaboratively with the sector and cider fans. As such, there are three main ways you can get involved with the association, if you are not a Cider/Perry company (or are looking to start one)

Suppliers / Partners

We are actively looking for suppliers to provide discounts and/or exclusive access to produces or services. If you are interested in becoming an industry partner – learn more here.

We are looking specifically for:

  • Equipment Suppliers
  • Product Suppliers
  • Financial Partners
  • Other membership benefit providers

Please contact Barry Rooke (Executive Director) via info@cidercanada.ca to start discussing how we can connect you to our members and work on mutual-beneficial opportunities.

Cider Bloggers

We are not quite ready for you yet, but you could really help us by sharing information on the page here while we get organized. However, we will have opportunities for membership (monthly, recurring) to get access to cider products and test batches, access to industry information and our mailing lists / newsletter, participation options in our national awards judging, event access and discounts.


Cider Fans

We don’t forget about you. We will be working on a cider-focused website, specifically for you in 2023! For now, follow us on Social Media!


Cider Canada / Cidre Canada is thrilled to have Researchers join the organization. We are launching a research committee in 2023, and there is room on the board of directors for a research members.