Welcome to Shae McGlynn of Rubicon Strategy to Cider Canada

Shae McGlynn currently serves as the Director of Public Affairs at Rubicon Strategy in Ottawa. Using people-centred and data-centred approaches, Shae’s ability to create pre-positioning strategies for clients gets results every time. A bilingual communications strategist and former regional advisor to several federal ministers, Shae possesses a robust and diverse network in nation’s capital. As an experienced consultant, she develops and implements strategic vision for her client’s objectives, which includes her extensive knowledge of federal government funding through regional economic development agencies.

In her previous role with the Capital Hill Group, Shae provided pro-bono government relations counsel to Beer Canada on issues related to taxation and regulations, and brings her knowledge of governance and organizational structure to Cider Canada as the organization grows. Shae has also worked with domestic and international trade files, and will utilize her policy experience to influence government for Cider Canada’s long-term goals.

Shae McGlynn

Director of Public Affairs



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